Technical Advice

10-300x168Solving Your Problems and Technical Advice
When someone asks you for help it is often a great feeling – this is how we have created the famous old ‘can-do-attitude’ at BrandSAFE.

Solving your problems is our privilege. We aim to take the hassle and pain away from our customers. It’s simple – it’s what we like to do and we are extremely good at it.

We work collaboratively with end users, main contractors and architects, interacting with our manufacturing and supply-chain partners to come up with a solution that works for your specific site requirement.

What’s the best way to solve your problem? We don’t think there is 1 way! Through qualiifcation and research we will likely come up with 2 or 3 ways.

We will ask you questions and mirror back our understanding before presenting ideas, options and ultimately a complete solution.

solving-your-problems-300x199You can expect a pragmatic approach from BrandSAFE, starting with what materials suit your application combining the benefits of;

  • Strength of STEEL
  • Absorption of RUBBER
  • Flexibility, Colour & No “Re-Paint” Benefits of POLYMER

Our uniqueness is in our creative and innovative approach to solving your problems by;

  • High performance products that protect buildings and equipment from damage
  • Products that create high visual safety awareness
  • Products manufactured for the lowest possible cost

If you have a simple technical questions this is fine too;

Please contact our Product Support Team or ask for our Technical Manager James Simons who will be pleased to help you.
01525 850222